Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Luck Charlie

I love Disney.
This is nothing new.
It's true that I dislike most of the new Disney movies...excluding Tangled of course {best Disney movie since Mulan in my opinion}....but I do love me some Disney Channel movies and TV shows.
And now thanks to Netflix I can watch just about any Disney Channel movie and TV show.
I find that with all the crappy TV shows on these days, Disney shows add a wholesome if not usually cheesy break from all the crap.
When you take all the sex, drugs, and nasty out of shows, you get some real humor and good drama.

Up until this week my favorite show has been Sonny With a Chance.
And still nothing is better than Chad Dylan Cooper.

But Friday night during Mack's 1:00 feeding, I discovered Good Luck Charlie, A show about a 15 year old girl sharing the experiences of her family in order to give advice to her 9 month little sister.
Oh yeah so the little sister is like WAAAAAAAAAYYYY younger than the rest of the kids.
Kinda reminds me of my family...maybe that is why I like this show so much.
This show is funny and clever in the way the Cosby Show was.
With the fate of Sonny with a Chance up in the air after Demi's little stint that whatever facility....we find this show a good substitute.

The show is pretty funny and quite enjoyable....but one of my favorite things about it is the house.
Seriously the house that the Duncan's live in is amazing!
I hope after I have been married for 19 years I will be cool enough to have a house this awesome.

The first thing you see when you enter this house is the green staircase.
Hullo...I love green....and they have a green staircase!

A green staircase and Blue windowsills.
Best living room ever.

only it gets better.

Check out the Kitchen...

Royal blue dining chairs, Chalkboard refrigerator, Green cabinets, and yellow walls.
In the words of Nicko...."It shouldn't work...but it does!"

stay with just gets better from here.

Teddy's Room.

I love that platform!
Your room would have to be pretty big to have a platform for your this is something I will be holding out for in our next house.

The 9 month old even has an amazing room.

And the Basement/laundry room/ play room is pretty awesome.

Awesome chair,

Awesome chalkboard wall,

and awesome colors!!!

Seriously this how has the best set ever!

Even the Dentist office waiting room is pretty cool.

Can I please have that bench?

Seriously the whole set is like one big explosion of color.
I really am loving this show and find that the humor is pretty clever....even Jack likes it.
Typically watching SWAC Jack would only laugh at 4 characters...Chad, Nicko, Grady, and The random security guard....with Charlie he seems to laugh at just about every character.

So if you feel like having a good laugh....or just want decorating ideas watch Good Luck Charlie.
Thank you Netflix instant!


Charlotte said...

This is really good, i love good luck charlie too so i decided that i would try to make the family on sims 3 and their house and i couldnt find images of what their house looked like anywhere but then on yahoo someone had already asked the question: where can i find images of the good luck charlie house? and it directed me here and this helped
thank you Jack and Nat. :)

Rae :] said...

Thank you! I've always loved Teddy's room - especially her bed and pillows - and have been looking for images everywhere! Yours is the best, hand down!

Karm said...

haha I have finally started watching this show. I miss Sonny on Sonny with a chance ): But I do like this show, it is hilarious (:

tina said...

awsome picz ;DD i have a platform for my bed really simaller to teddys and my room isnt that large its a normale sized room and yet i still have my computer desk and storage

Anonymous said...

I love the platform for her bed and I love her room it's SO NICE!!

Love this show!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME, i love the show and i love this website. Teddy's bedroom is my dream bedroom and... THE PLATFORM!!!!!!!! Best room ever!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE their house!! I espisially like Teddy's room I love it so much I have a huge room so I will try the plat form thanks

32kells said...

Does anyone know what. Olof blue and what. Or green they are using ?

32kells said...

Does anyone know what color paint they used for stairs and dining room table

Anonymous said...

I really want a platform in my room is it hard to do?